Want to Buy Land in Virgnia?

Advance Land and Timber offers buyer's representation and assistance when purchasing recreational, farmland, timberland or investment land in Virginia.

We’ll Help You Find Land for Sale in Virginia

Buying land in Virginia can be a great opportunity for your lifestyle and your bank account. However, finding the right land and getting at the right price requires expertise. Advance Land and Timber, LLC is here to help you realize your real estate aspirations.

When you choose to work with us, you are taking your first step towards a successful purchase. We know the land for sale VA buyers are seeking can help secure the best deal.

We provide in-depth guidance throughout the purchase process including comprehensive data on each potential parcel of land. Our team will work with you to help ensure you get the right land for your needs and expectations.

If you are planning on taking advantage of the land for sale Virginia has to offer, you will need an agent that is trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable. Advance Land and Timber, LLC is that agent. Contact us by calling (803) 937-9503 to learn more about buying land in Virginia and the services we offer.

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We Help Simplify the Land Purchasing Process

Advance Land and Timber, LLC is the team you can trust for evaluating and transacting land purchases. If you are looking for land for sale Virginia, we have you covered. We offer investment analysis, land management, real estate development, timber sales, 1031 exchanges and financing. Many of our customers are getting double-digit returns on timber alone. It is a robust investment opportunity.

Find Land for Sale for Any Use

Whether you are looking for residential, recreational or investment land for sale VA has plenty to offer. We can help you find land at the right price for almost any use. Virginia is a great place to buy private or commercial land and invest your time, money and future.

Getting Started

Each parcel of land is more suitable for different uses. Therefore, before you begin your real estate search, consider what you want to get out of your purchase. There are many great ways to use the land for sale Virginia has to offer. Below are a few common uses of land.

Timber Sales

Land in Virginia can offer you access to natural resources like timber. The sale of this alone can result in double-digit returns on investment from land purchases. It is a simple yet lucrative way to earn a return. Better yet, you can develop or sell the land after extracting the resources.


Another investment opportunity is to subdivide and/or develop the land for residential use. After finding the right investment land for sale VA developers can realize serious success. Just make sure the purchase follows current housing trends.

Private Residential and Recreational Use

Of course, you can also purchase land to enjoy yourself. If you enjoy the great outdoors, nothing can beat owning your own land. Activities including camping, hunting, farming and more are excellent uses for land in Virginia. You can also develop the land as your residence. By buying parcels of land for sale VA residents are able to realize their retirement aspiration in their own little corner of the state.

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Why Look for Land for Sale VA?

Virginia is a great place to own land for residential, recreational and/or commercial usage. Below are a few of the top benefits of buying land in the Old Dominion.

  • Demand is increasing as supply drops, meaning that simply holding onto land and selling it later will bring a return on investment.
  • Vacant land can be purchased relatively inexpensively currently and without as much competition as in urban centers.
  • Investment land can be purchased and used fairly easily with little upfront costs beyond the land itself. If you want to build, all you need is suitable land. There is no need for demolition or renovation of existing structures.
  • There is a wide range of price points for the land for sale Virginia has to offer. So, you can find something that matches your budget.

When you buy land in Virginia, you can get all the benefits and more. Whether you want a quiet corner for yourself or a plot of land to develop, this great state has something to offer.